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Boondock Saints Icons
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Icons community for The Boondock Saints, and (if it ever gets released!) its sequel All Saints Day.

Y'all should know the drill by now, but just in case, we have The Rules:

1) Any posts larger than four icons should be LJ-cut.
2) Any post not entirely worksafe should be LJ-cut.
3) Any post with icons referring to twincest MUST be LJ-cut AND clearly marked as such (you're welcome to post 'em, but some of us seriously don't like that shit. Be respectful of that.)
4) In the immortal words of Heather Alexander, "If you object to the words 'hell,' 'damn,' or 'bastard'... too late, I just said them. But if you don't want to hear them again, now would be the time to leave." This is a community dedicated to a movie that uses the term "fuck" 249 times - if you object to swearing, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU!
5) All icons are to be credited to their original maker, unless said maker specifies otherwise.
6) ONLY icons clearly marked as bases may be modified from the original.
7) Don't break our rules, or psychopompos will be obliged to send her legions of attack pigeons after you. And trust us, you do NOT want to fuck with her.